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The development potential of the European Public Sphere

Call for Papers ECREA Communication and the European Public Sphere TWG seminar. The development potential of the European Public Sphere

7-8 September, 2017, Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland

This seminar aims at presenting various perspectives on the European Public Sphere. We will discuss responses to numerous crises which Europe is facing right now. The European Union has to tackle challenges in many areas (first and foremost in foreign and security policy). Some of these questions - such as Brexit, migration or terrorism - create vivid debates and may provide potential for development of the European Public Sphere. There are also several institutional  attempts to foster new emerging debates and issues within the European Public Sphere and diverse projects contributing to promotion of European values.  

We will distinguish among different concepts as well as examine models of European Public Sphere. We will take into consideration the contemporary state of European media and study communication trends in Europe (the declining impact of traditional media, such as major broadcast television networks and major national newspapers, weakening credibility of media vs. new sourses of information and new channels of communication such as social media and alternative media; we will look closely at phenomena such as echo chambers or filter bubbles and their implications for civic discourse). 

We welcome papers on the above mentioned topics but we are also open to other themes: eg. influnce of pre- and post-election discources and debates on the European Public Sphere - elections in the Netherlands, France and Germany, where nationalist discourses, populists’ use of the media, fragmented and polarized audiences as well as quality of information (post-truth, fake news, disinformation) can be discussed. We welcome contributions from both scholars and practitioners reflecting on these topics.

Proposals of papers should be submitted in abstract form. Abstracts (no longer than 300 words) should be emailed to Malgorzata Winiarska-Brodowska mail to: by July 15, 2017.

Notification of acceptance will be sent to authors by July 20, 2017.

Full papers must be submitted by August 20, 2017.
The conference fee (100 EUR/participant) should be paid after the notification of acceptance (by July 30, 2017). 

Bank Pekao SA, III Oddzial w Krakowie
Szpitalna 15, 31-024 Kraków

IBAN:  PL94124047221111000048566759


INSTITUTION: Jagiellonian University - Faculty of Management and Social Communication

Address: ul. Prof. Stanisława Łojasiewicza 4, 30-348 Krakow

Please remember to add following information:
"ECREA Communication and the European Public Sphere TWG seminar: The development potential of the European Public Sphere (2001359)".
The fee includes conference attendance, coffee breaks and lunch (2 days), conference bag as well as publication. After the payment participants are required to send the payment confirmation to Malgorzata Winiarska-Brodowska <mail to:> in order to register for the conference.


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